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Often asked Questions

What is your Denomination?
I am an ordained Non-Denominational Minister. This allows me to better serve my couples and help in acknowledging all beliefs and faiths.

Are you certified to perform ceremonies?
Yes, of course, I was educated and ordained and meet the requirements of not only the State of Georgia, but across America. In Georgia, only an Ordained Minister or a Judge can legally perform weddings.

Remember that your ceremony is the reason everyone has gathered and you want to make sure the person performing your ceremony is experienced to handle not only the ceremony but all the little “Ooops” and “Uh-Oh’s” that can and often will happen during the ceremony.

Do you belong to any Organization?

Yes, I have been a member in good standing for years with the National Association of Wedding Officiants and the National Associations of Wedding Ministers.


Do you work with Wedding Coordinator/Planners?
Of course and I have a wonderful reputation with many of the areas professionals. However, one must remember that your wedding day is actually two separate events; Your Ceremony and Your Reception. Although most event planners participate in the ceremony by making sure the florists, D-Jay or musicians and staff have everything ready and will usually participate in the sending out and receiving of the wedding party, (Processional and Recessional) however, they are not clergy. Those who intrude into the ceremony planning and in the ceremony on the day of the event are going beyond the scope of their experience and authority. 


Do you have any restrictions or rules for photographers/videographers?
Two: Don’t embarrass my bride and groom and do not interrupt the wedding ceremony for a photograph. Other than that, it’s wide open. The way I see it; you’re spending a lot of money to capture these memories, who am I to set restrictions? This makes me one of the more popular Officiants with the many professional photographers in the area. (NOTE: Do keep in mind that some churches have rules regarding ceremony photography and you and the photographer should check with the church, before your wedding day.


Do you overbook your day?
Not at all and as of today, I have never been late to a wedding! Sadly, some Officiants will overbook and if just one wedding starts late or runs late, then that the Officiant has a scheduling problem and they may be late for your wedding. I plan my schedules around my couples needs. Unless asked otherwise, I arrive 30-45 minutes early to assure the couple that I am there and ready to go.


Do you attend the reception?
99% of the time, no. I need to be honest with you, is tough on your guests who have no idea just who I am and how fun and contemporary I am. This leads to no one at the table dancing, drinking, smoking or doing the chicken dance! I have learned over the years that this saves my couples a lot of money too. Take the per-head charge and enjoy a nice lunch on your honeymoon! (Note: Remember this as you interview Officiants, some require that their spouse attend as well (for the same reasons above) and you need to consider this for your budget and head count.)


What about references?
Sure, I have over 800, as well as wedding vendors I have worked with.
(Photographers, D. J’s, etc)


What do you wear for the ceremony?

95% of the time, I wear all black. During the holidays, I sometimes wear a red shirt, depending on the colors the couple has selected. Please do not buy a Corsage for my lapel, I have special pin that I wear. 

What happens to the marriage license and who signs it?


I need to get the marriage license from the couple before the ceremony begins. I, along with the Probate Judge, from the Probate Court you received the marriage license, are the only one who signs it. Some Probate Courts provide copies for me to sign and give to the couple. But, if not, then I will take the original with me sign it and mail it back to Probate. I do this every Monday. So, if you need a copy, please make one before the wedding and I will sign it or I can fax you a copy after the ceremony.   


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