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Welcome To A Vow To Remember Wedding Services 

Thank you for taking time to review the information about A Vow To Remember and our wedding ceremony services. My goal has always been the same with every couple. When you walk down the asile, do it the way you have always wanted and not the way someone tells you it should be.

Rev. Lowe wants to exceed your expectations of a Wedding Officiant.

Rev. Lowe is 100% devoted to his craft and to his couples who are in search for a Non-Denominational Wedding Officiant to preside over their wedding ceremony. He brings his couples his knowledge, professionalism and understanding. He also brings his experience, which he has earned by performing over 800 weddings. By being a Non-Denominational Wedding Officiant, it gives him the ability to respect and observe all Faiths, Beliefs and yes, even Non-Beliefs without judgment or with a hidden agenda. 

The most common words used by Brides and Grooms to describe Rev. Lowe is: Fun, Personal, Fun, Warm, Fun, Professional, Fun, Romantic, do you notice a theme here. .

 “Each Officiant has a style and personality that needs to match the couple. For example, I’m not the Sister Mary Moonshine, creative writing course graduate type. You know the one who has the “and the clouds parted and the angels flung their arrows into the souls of our couple” in her ceremony. Not to say I can’t present that in a reading during the ceremony if my couples wish, but that’s so not my style and I don’t mind telling my couples right from the start. I think the way I’ve won the hearts of my couples is by presenting the ceremony they helped to create. They help select all the elements of their ceremony : readings, prayers, blessings, poems, vows, ring promises and acts of celebration. It’s done in such a way that is easy for couples, because they become proactive in the creation of their ceremony thus, becoming a true reflection of the two of them and their love and the style the ceremony is presented to everyone.”

I would love to meet with you and see how we can put together a wedding ceremony that will be filled with memories that will last a life time.

Thank you,

Rev. Mike Lowe

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